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Welcome to the other side where life is a bliss, food is your nourishment and your soul feeds the most of you!

Detox program for beginners with Pure You Wellness Maija

When your body feels tired and heavy, causing pain and aches, it's time to do a clean up.

When your body feels tired & heavy, causing pain & aches, it's time to do a clean up.

Just like you need to clean your house, it is as important to clean your body - Gut, intestinal- and digestive tract as well as the mind.

Old school western diet is filled with sugary treats, saturated fats, hidden toxins, alcohol, caffeine and other stimulants and items that we are not meant to have to live a balanced and healthy life.

If you keep up with that kind of diet from year to year it is unavoidable that Your body will create some kind of sickness to the body/ or and mind.

  • accumulated toxins, heavy metals, fat deposits and old fermenting food matter in your system will blur out your mind and make you feel heavy and tired .

When the body is not clean and/ or alkaline it will cause pain in joints and tissue, as well as leads towards  depression, sickness - in worst case to cancer!

Did you know that cancer cells cannot live in an alkaline environment? If you can clean up and alkalize your system you ( and I) can be sure that you will be on the safe side to get into cancer trap!

My easy and instantly effective tailor made detox - programs are available all year round and can be done by anyone in the comfort of your own home with my email support and online coaching or live at my retreats.

If I am at your area I am happy to meet you for personal coaching session to discuss and plan together a detox program for your needs.

coaching on healthy plantbased diet by Pure You Wellness coach Maija Kujala

1 on 1 Coaching

60 min / 68.00$ 

90Min- 90.00$

Are you ready to take the first step towards healthier and happier tomorrow and start a new diet with uplifting lifestyle?

Book a private session to talk trough your goals & wishes in your dietary habits.

Ask any questions, get advice, healthy recipes to take home and if yuo wish we can Together tailor make a perfect diet/ weight loss/ detox plan to meet your needs for only 149,00$

Let’s do it!
Private yoga program custom tailored Pure You Yoga Wellness

Signature Pure You Detox

Clean, energize & Alkalize!

 299. 00$/ 499.00$ 

This detox plan is for you who never tried a detox before and wish to get started with something easy to follow and not too demanding.

Together we will learn the basics of detox and how to implement it to your daily routine with easy and tasty recipes.

 I will also add you a detoxifying yoga practise with simple breathing exercises to boost your elimination of toxins!

Our program can be completed between 1 week to a month depending on our arrangements.

             For 299.00 You get:

  • Happy & alkaline e - book to get started with.
  • Alkaline shopping list and small vegan Cook book.
  • 4 x 45min coaching calls/ meetings.
  • Tailor made diet plan for your first months.
  • List of recommended supplements and great deals on them to use along your transformation.
  • Life long membership to Pure You events and offers.

           FOR 499.00 You get 

  • All the above....+
  • Personally made yoga program to support your detox and body shaping.
  •  3 private yoga coaching meetings online or in person 90 min each.
  • -20% Discount from Massages and Reiki healing. 

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Private yoga program custom tailored Pure You Yoga Wellness

Vegan & Alkaline

580$  /  1 month PROGRAM

This alkaline plant based diet program will get you started on your new, lighter and brighter lifestyle just in few weeks!

- How to keep your mind and body alkaline and happy!

- Tasty and filling recipes to share with your friends and family

- Basics of Herbal Medicine

- How to use superfoods to boos up your metabolism and energy levels

- What to buy and what to avoid while shopping

You will also get

- Tailor made diet plan

-  My best food supplement suggestions to elevate your new lifestyle to a different dimension!

- Happy & Alkaline e- book

This option is great for any of you who are suffering from chronic illnesses - cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, body pain, migraines....

Or you just wish to elevate your energy levels feel and look radiant!

Pureyou's goal is to help you to find a balanced and natural diet to support your wellbeing trough out our life!

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Private yoga and meditation session with Maija Pure You Wellness

Pure You Lifestyle Change


If you wish to choose a totally new path and lose weight, gain energy and clarity, let go of headaches, pain and cramps in the body, I recommend this for you.

Combination of healthy organic ingredients, tasty recipes, breathing exercises, gentle yoga and a light juice detox we will get you started on your new diet and lifestyle. This all can be done online or in person!

Let’s Do It!
Private yoga program custom tailored Pure You Yoga Wellness

Easy Weight loss with Long lasting results!

390.00euros / 425.00US One-month program
+ additional online coaching 30.00€/3500US$/ 45min

If you've been thinking about leaving meat and other animal products out, but haven't done it because you feel that you wouldn't know how to start and substitute meat products to vegan, this option is for you!

Not will we just do this together choosing your favorite recipes and food items but you'll also have my support for your new lifestyle for a whole month.

Make It Happen!
Private yoga program custom tailored Pure You Yoga Wellness

Pure You Cooking Class

3-HOUR CLASS good for up to 8 students
129.00 euros /149.00 US$
+ The cost of ingredients 

I love to educate and as we cook together, I'll be talking and demonstrating, while answering any questions related to nutrition, detoxing, fasting and weight loss.

All our recipes will be tailor made for your needs and food preferences. All Pure You recipes are also great for children and pets. You'll get a copy of the recipes ( with pictures)that we prepare!

Yes! Can’t wait!

Clean Body = Clean Mind
Clean Mind = Tranquility in Every Aspect of Your Life!

Maija Kujala Pure You Wellness detox programs coach
Let me guide you to a different way of being and feeling by guiding your dietary habits to a balanced and healing combination of fresh food and fun in the kitchen!

Let the Journey Begin!

Let me guide you to a different way of being and feeling by guiding your dietary habits to a balanced and healing combination of fresh food and fun in the kitchen!

Let the Journey Begin!