Every Day Raw, make it a Law!

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Raw food has been always my favourite, fresh juicy fruit and salads, raw vegetables to chew on and off course fresh juices and smoothies to enjoy during work and Holidays.

Did you know that Raw food hold in to it self Prana= Life energy that will be transmitted to your body as soon as it gets to your blood stream? Eating food that is still alive ( instead of cooked, boiled & fried food that is dead by the time it gets to your mouth form heat) energies, rejuvenates and heals not just your body but also your mind!

Adding at east 50% of your daily foods as Raw foods will make your immune system stronger, heal your body quicker and get you back to good energies in no time!

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Raw energy bites recipe:

6 Medaljon dates- pitted and soaked

1/2 cup cashew nuts grinded small

1/3 cup shredded juicy coconut

3 tbls Organic chia seeds

Cinnamon, cardamom and fresh mint.

Add all ingredients to a nutri bullet and blend 15 sec. Roll into balls and sprinkle some white sesame seeds or dry coconut on the top. Cool down in a fridge and enjoy within a week.

Tasty and healthy!

Protein, good fats and loads of energy to keep you going.