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Life on the ocean

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ALOHA, from Angelique, a boat of thousands of miles logged in he last few years, hundreds of happy people ) friends, family and customers) catered on the ocean.

This year Sailing on the Hawaiian oceans have open up a totally new perspective of the Big Ocean to me. I have sailed thousands of miles in my life but never in such of an amazing environment where the water is filled with whales and turtles, the coral is still alive and colourful and everything that we see and experience is like out of a dream…

Stars are bright, moon is smiling, fishes and turtles in the water are having fun with us, whales singing and the local people smiling everywhere where we go. Life is great and nature around us is like a paradise, waterfalls, lush thick bush and deep blue water to swim in. On the main island we have Jurassic park – adventure park to visit for those who want’s to  see the breath taking nature behind the scenes!

Cruising between the islands have gives us a chance to see Hawaii from a different perspective than just sitting in a resort or spending time between a hotel and tour services.

When you surrender to the ocean and allow the nature to soothe up your nerves and body it is a totally different experience than an other. Catch the wind and allow our boat take you to a trip of a lifetime filled with amazing sunsets, great food, laughter, adventure, excitement, education and Fun filled days!


Next trip on Angelique coming up in April! a week of fun, adventure and life long memories to keep your spirits up in the times of changes!