New Year Detox 2021

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It’s the time of the year when good promises are made and all of us has a goal to aim for..

If you felt last year getting on your body and mind with stress and overweight, now it’s a good chance to join an easy and tasty Detox to boost up your energy levels!

Have you seen how the whole human body shape has changed in last 20 years. We are bigger, louder and often times suffer from  chronic illness or other discomfort in the body by the age of 40. This is ll a result of not enough exercise, time out doors and vegetables  & water in your diet. The whole humanity is becoming like a whole new different breed from the 1900 born man.

If you are ok with that go on with what you created but if you might like to experience how it feels too feel light, pain and stress free Join me for an easy 3 -day detox, 1st to 3rd January!

I wish you all Great Happiness and luck for 2021. If you feel that this is the year to get a hold of your own future, join me for personal growth and energy healing right from the beginning of the year!

Yoga, Breath work, detox, Great nutrition, cooking classes and workshops with changing themes!

The time is now…and just perfect to become the Best version of your self!


Sat Nam ” Truth is my essence”…