Yoga & Pranayama

Pureyou Wellness is now serving online yoga and pranayama classes to all levels from beginners to teachers!

Choose what you wish from my unlimited streaming selection of classes to all levels!

Basic memberships for new students go as low as 5.00$$, and if you wish more from your practise you can add private coaching on to them!

Take some time and go to explore within!



Ridding body of accumulated waste and toxins eases your everyday life and bring more energy to you! Get coaching trough Zoom and / or what’s app and kick start Your path with right diet planning, great products to use and happy coach who has an answer to every question!

Programs start as low as 299 over 3 months with a personally made diet program!

Add a supporting yoga practise to your routine and speed up your progress! Only extra +99.00$!!


Love & Light!