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In Lifestyle, Travel by Maija Kujala

Western life allows us all to be connected, have a chance to try new things and learn.

But what about the little boys and girls in Beautiful Fijian islands? They love to play and exercise as well..

Not to mention the Big mamas who never leave kitchen unless they go to the toilet or fishing more food!

As my heart took me to Fiji several times I understood that the best I could do for these people is to share my yoga and detox wisdom. In repay Fiji provides pure you ideal environment with warm sunny climate, great underwater world and tropical humid rainforest where to connect back to the nature at any time day or night!

From 2017 I have been making connection to a small village in Vanua Levu island where I met great people, happy children and amazing nature. I made my mind up that Pure You will set up a retreat there. No internet, waterfalls, year around gardening, amazing clear water and easy life!

It is all there to be started all I need is help in financing and some handy builders to come and create!

Its all very laid back and non paid. Volunteers of all areas of life are welcome.

 Come and build, teach, help in garden or market out our amazing retreat!

In return you will fall back to the pure natural life, learn from locals, eat healthy, snorkel and dive Fiji’s amazing waters and off course  RELAX! This is a life changing opportunity what you need a month or 2 to join…well unless you wish to build your own unit there as well?!

When you work with me Everything is possible! Sent me an email if you got interested and I will tell you more!

Love, light and Bula!