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After teaching hatha, hatha vinyasa and pranayama for the last seven years, I have now created a strong class blueprint where I can serve students of all levels. I completed 200h training in 2013 and 300h training in 2017 (both in Bali). Choose from gentle and healing hatha yoga practice to a detoxing and strengthening power yoga or vinyasa flow - I deliver all classes straight from the heart. For online classes, I use a platform called Strydal which makes it super easy and convenient for you to pick a class & practice right at home!


If you'd like to experience a customized program or book a group session, learn more about it here on the Yoga page or contact me.


Alkaline & Happy! Ebook

10 $

Have you ever heard how important an alkaline diet is for you?

When your body is alkaline you will feel better inside out: Daily energy levels are high, body stays pain free and your mind will keep clear. Not just that but as long as your body is alkaline no virus or infection can settle in to it!

Acidic body = acidic mind, showing up as head aches, tiredness, grumpiness, depression, lack of motivation and overweight.

My easy to understand ebook will teach you the basics of Alkaline diet and how to implement it to your everyday life!

Book includes recipes, easy to understand information and a pH chart to understand what food falls under what pH levels.

You'll receive a PDF download of the ebook right away after purchase. You can pay with a PayPal account or with your card (through PayPal). You don't need to have a PayPal account.


Zinzino for Great Health!

Zinzino is a Norwegian company that offers high quality nutritional products to keep you and your family healthy. I had some second thoughts about this when I started a year ago but find it quite nice and Very convenient!

Zino’s number one best selling product balance oil, comes with a test what gives you an opportunity to test your own fatty acid balance with a simple home test!

This same test at doctors will cost you several hundreds of $$ and with Zinzino it comes just under $80 when you get 2 of them to see your balance before and after taking your oils!

Take the Test!

DID YOU KNOW… If your fats are unbalanced it will cause chronic inflammation in your body. If this is left for a long period of time it will lead to pain and discomfort in the body. Do a favour for your body this year and choose balance oil for the whole family!


BalanceOil+ is a high-quality fish oil mixed with essential omega 6 and 9 amino acids to give you a perfect ratio of fats in your diet. There is also added vitamin D to keep up your energy levels in the wintertime! Perfect ratio of omega 3’s 1/3 makes this oil perfect to protect and rejuvenate any damage done in a cellular level. Oil is made from small fatty fish and Organic olive oil. Heart and brain healthy! It comes in few flavour options if you don’t like the normal fish oil taste; lime, orange, vanilla.


BalanceOil+ vegan is made for you who don’t wish to include fish in your diet. We are using High quality seaweed from Norway, flavours natural or orange.

Order Yours! And browse around for other products as well!


Zinzino LeanShake: a tasty and filling meal replacement to help you lose & control weight while filling up the body with all essential nutrients.

This is a solution for you who wish to make eating easy and mess less! No dishes, no mess no running in shops just a simple add on hygiene bag where you can be sure you get all you need for optimal health and at the same time you will loose extra with and rid of fat deposits! Can it get any better!!

This product burns fat, helps to generate better muscle and protects your gut biome. Get your daily vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein!

Choose from vanilla, strawberry, mixberry and chocolate flavours. Vanilla and strawberry are glutein-free, others made with milk powder. Add it to a smoothie or drink it with a juice or coconut!


XTEND+ multivitamin capsules to keep your vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients in great balance! This is a perfect all in 1 solution for you who are too busy to worry about getting all minerals from the food. Clean and easy - Zino does it all for you 😊


Zino has also great coffee for coffee lovers! Small European espresso pods are rich in flavonoids, antioksidants and offcourse great flowour! The small café that operates on top of Eiffel tower in Paris serves Zinzino café! Voila!

Get your Coffee maker for only 349 euros and pods 12-16 euros for a 12-pack.


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