When the world becomes Home!

In Lifestyle, Travel by Maija Kujala

When did you take time to just be?

Let go of all the stress and tasks. Stay Still. The most powerful tool to reprogram and rejuvenate your being is to take time off now and again! / Yoga Nidra!!!

I used to live in Finland thinking that it is the only reality to live in. 4 seasons, cold, school, work, heating, bills, hectic daily routine, supermarkets, shopping malls, fast food and entertainment…

Since I was a child I tough that is was all wrong. Why Human  life can not be joyful, spending time and working with friends and family, full of love, adventures, great times with friends and clients as well as working towards a natural existence on this planet? Just to be in this world and use what it has to give for us without building on top of it and making the whole life a race against time. What is time for you? A measurement of how fast you move in this life. Have you ever been without time? It is one of the best things you can do to allow your natural being get back to peace. I did it and my first business name for a long time was Maijatime…where there is no time and life is just a flow of great meetings, people and adventures! More about this later on in my blog posts.

From the force of my parents I tryed to live like others…I became sick in many ways, and got hospitalized in the age of 21. I spent more time in hospital than outside and made a decision then that this has to end!

So in 2005 I packed few things with me and headed out to the world. There was no fear, not even excitement just a calm cool decision that I am finally going to go and start living a life that looks and feels like me.

Flow- when one situation turns to another in an organic way. No judgements, no limitations and no harsh words to put people down…( like I was used since I was a child). I was free. I was happy and I did not take up with any negative people. We can choose who we share our time with.

Life became a dream I woke up to amazing weather, good people in places that I enjoy. I had understood that my home can be anywhere! As long as we feel good inside it does not matter where life will take you or what will happen around you. People often ask me if I felt scared or stressed. NO I felt like home where ever I went. I still do as long as I can stay with my heathy diet and fresh air.

To let go of expectations, fear and limiting thoughts is the best thing you can ever do. It will suddenly open you many doors that you never even saw before! Other Big NONO is too tight schedules. Try to let go of hectic minute schedules that will block out great meetings and amazing still times that makes life better than you ever tough!

You could ry it out on your next day of? Do not make any plans, head out at some point and think that I will allow all good and positive to come to me today and forever.

Maybe just enjoy a snack under the sun on the beach and swim in the Ocean. Imagine a life without time limits, life where you are where you are and not to be expected anywhere else. There is not future, no past, just this moment now and here.

That’s how I felt when I set my self to Fiji the first time 2006. My first visit was only 3 weeks in Yasawa islands that I totally loved!

Next visit was sailing Fiji for 3 months what I loved even more! At that time I made a strong connection to Vanua Levu island and somewhere deep inside told my self that this could be home.

For my last  2 visits have been connecting with a small, amazing village on the island.  I saw a small article on Fiji magazine telling about nature tours and bird watching, great coral reef and waterfalls…That was exactly what I was hoping to find and booked my self in straight away for few days. That few days turned to few weeks and by the end of my stay I had met the chief and got the whole villages approval that I am allowed to join their community and start up a small healh restaurant and yoga school!

       I never met such as happy, grounded  people as Fijians.

I did return the following year as I had gone back to Finland to tell my family what I found and what I will be up to and the next visit was all about learning…I was teaching we spent time together planning and everything was perfect, until the white man came and made me fear…Do not operate with a village, They are not to be trusted, they will rip you off. How could these beautiful people work that way I tough! and did not want to believe it at all. But it got me on my toes and I backed up a bit and spent more time on the mainland thinking if it’s safer to deal with my business there…

No, Suva and Nadi are the capitals of Fiji, that did not really appeal to me. My heart is in the bush and I am totally in peace when I can stay away from the buzzy hubs.

My last trip 2019 I told them we will start building, after making a business plan and building plan we came to an amount of 50.000 that will get us started. Building a yoga Shala, restaurant and a guest accommodation.

I am happy to invest some money but I am looking to find help in financing this project. All of you who will help will get a trip to our All eco Yoga studio when we open as well as free access to my online yoga videos!

I am also looking for few people who might like to come along and build their own holiday home there and work together operating the yoga place and restaurant.

If you feel like Fiji could be your home as well, please send me an email and I will tell you more!

Naiwasha village greets you with fresh food, amazing coral reef and a pictures nature to enjoy in!

When it is time to get back to the natural flow and slow life Pure You leads you to peace and total relaxation…Sat Nam.